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How To Pick Up Girls - the art of seduction

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Welcome to How To Pick Up Girls. This book has sold for years around the world and is the ultimate guide on the art of seduction and gives details on how to seduce a woman.

This guide has many tips and techniques that you would never think of, that simply WORK.

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  • Seduction Techniques - how to seduce any woman you meet.
  • Reading a girls body language.
  • What to say to women.
  • Conversation techniques that will always allow you to know what to say next.
  • Effective Approach Techniques.
  • Creating Sexual Chemistry.
  • Common mistakes to avoid.
  • How to chat girls up and make them find you irresistable.
  • How to make girls believe every word you say.
  • How to get girls to say YES!
  • The BEST places to meet women.
  • ALL the information you get in other guides and A LOT MORE!

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